Isa Deveci
Muhammet Nair Zengin
Dr. Salih Cepni

Uludag University


Nowdays, due to increasing population, the problems of unemployment emerges in many developing and developed countries. Thus, individuals should have entrepreneurial characteristics become the main topic of conversation that individuals employ themselves more easily with this characteristics. Also, it has been spicified that entrepreneurial characteristics should be acquired to individuals at an early age. In this sense, it has been seen that mentioned concept of entrepreneurship in each level of education curriculums in many countries. One example is Turkey, although the concept of entrepreneurship given to place in the middle school science curriculum in 2013 year, there is no any information about how to gain entrepreneurial characteristics to students in middle school science curricula in Turkey. For this, it can be said that need to develop training programs and modules that can applied by teachers. So, the purpose of this study is to develop enterprising training module to middle school science teachers. In this study, 5-week enterprising training modules has been developed. This research were conducted with 44 seventh grade students from rural area school. Results show that researcher teacher have a positive opinions about the applicability of enterprising training module. Also it seen that students have a positive opinions at the end of the application process. Another remarkable result is innovative ideas developed by students. Based on these results, it can be said that developed training module can be easily applied by middle school science teachers at each school.


Entrepreneurship, Science education, Training modules, Teacher training.