Seyma Caglar
Dr. Selay Arkun Kocadere

Hacettepe University


While gamification has been used extensively in different areas such as health, sport, finance and marketing, its use has diffused to educational settings recently. This study aims to give both positive and negative results of gamified learning environment studies and to introduce game dynamics, mechanics and gamification components like badges, levels, leader boards, points, graph, avatar, virtual gifts. Design steps for gamification and successful samples of gamified learning environments were also investigated. The gamification tools as platforms for developing digital badges, tools especially developed for gamification, and learning management systems which are developed for gamification or have gamification plugins were examined. In this study, several suggestions were proposed. Gamification elements such as narrative, levels and badges should be placed in the learning environment according to course structure. In order to increase participation in online learning settings, activities such as contribution to online discussion environments, information exchange among learners should be rewarded. In addition, the instructor could create engagement loops by students and social media support. Levels are balanced to students' skills. Furthermore, individuals should not be punished in gamified learning environments; instead, they should only be rewarded.


E- learning, Gamification, Gamification tools, Online learning.